Dr. Bruce Cornet ~ 11/07/19 ~ Portal Stargate ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theres


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Theresa, Janet and Bruce share their life stories with the world. While our stories are "so far out", it's hard to believe, we choose to come out of the closet share what's happened to us and what we've witnessed in our lifetimes. You just can't make this shit up. Believe or not, we now share it, we own it and things will unravel and gain clarity over time. We ask each other questions and correlate, refute, confirm and ponder the mysteries of existence and try to figure out what's real, what's not and what works in the moment for all who gather to co-create a consensus reality. Are you a grey alien/humanoid hybrid mix? If so, please explain more about your existence? What's the reason you were selected by extraterrestrials? Simon Parkes explains that our souls are mixed like our bodies and we can be a hybrid soul as well as a hybrid body. What species are in the DNA mix that makes up your current human form? Some Experiencers are aware that they are multidimensional beings who simultaneously exist on many planets, in many avatars, bodies, forms, dimensions and vibratory frequencies and that time is an illusion of this world. Are you aware of your existence as another being, person, past-life, future life, concurrent life, alien, human, etc. and if so, what do you identify with? Do you remember any past lives on Earth or in space and if so, who and what were you? If you recall being in other forms and times, how do those existences affect this one? Which alien species/beings contacted you when you were a child? Are you currently in communication with any aliens/angelic/beings and if please describe your contact? What happens to us when we pass? Are we alone in the universe?

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