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Chapter 176: "We Experienced A Lot Of Stuff Over Those Years" read by Eric Balmer of Fielding
This week, Eric Balmer. Eric talks about the importance of his childhood neighbor, Ryan Dennee, his relationship with Scott Silletta, why he quit music, and the struggle of releasing music in 2019. Eric's band Fielding released a killer record called Rags of Light earlier this year, which I recommend giving a spin.
Rags of Light:

Chapter 176 Music:
Fielding - "Sungod"
Outnumbered - "Truth"
Plankeye - "Say Now That You're Sorry"
Plankeye - "One Or the Other"
Plankeye - "Let Me Be Near You"
Fielding - "Lazarus"
Fielding - "Jawbone"

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