Momboss Medley: The Three Founders of Lovevery, State Bags, Aden + Anais


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#237 -Listening to entrepreneur podcasts like How I Built This, I can’t help but want to dig deeper into the guest’s personal lives. I want to ask crazy questions like: When building an empire, does your husband ever feel needy or jealous of your success? Or did your withholding mother drive you to prove yourself to the world? What kind of snacks do you keep at the office? You know, questions people don’t typically ask unless they’re your close girlfriend. And while I don’t know these wildly successful founders personally, Atomic Moms podcast felt like the perfect opportunity to do that. In this compilation episode, we share highlights with three trailblazing founders: Jessica Rolph, Jacq Tatelman, and Raegan Moya-Jones. I can’t wait for you to listen.

First up, Multi-million dollar company founding social entrepreneur, and super interesting/fun mom of three JESSICA ROLPH geeks out with us over baby brain development and start up family life. Jessica co-founded and sold the #1 organic baby food company Happy Family - selling it for hundreds of millions of dollars - and is now putting her heart and soul into Lovevery, play products designed by child development experts.

Then we catch up with Jacq Tatelman, Brooklyn-based social impact entrepreneur and mom of two is co-founder and creative director of the wildly popular STATE bags and the co-creator of the non-profit foundation Country Roads Foundation, est. in 2009.

And finally, we're talking to the creative entrepreneur who put baby swaddle blankets on the map and, eh hem, in Prince George’s “coming home from the hospital” photos, Australian mother of four RAEGAN MOYA-JONES. She shares with Atomic Moms what she learned building a $100 million company Aden + Anais from her kitchen table while raising four daughters. Enjoy!

X Ellie Knaus

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