#83 | The John Muir Trail (With Chaunce & Fireball)


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In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Chaunce and Fireball (who you likely remember for the Girls Stuff episode), to walk us through their hike of the John Muir Trail. In addition to learning about all of the particulars of the trail, Chaunce and Fireball regale us with tales from their trek that include nude modeling for tourists, their favorite swimming holes, and the time Chaunce pooped alongside a stranger.

We have a one minute gear review, bring back patent pending, get a pupdate, and discuss why crossfit is great training for backcountry dumps.


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00:04:20 - QOTD: What is the dumbest thing you’ve done this month?

00:12:45 - Trek Ambassador Program

00:14:27 - What are the standard JMT facts?

00:15:13 - Why did you do the extra miles?

00:15:36 - How did you get from where you left your car to the trailhead?

00:16:33 - Did this fill in your PCT gaps?

00:17:29 - Anything else you want to add from a basic JMT standpoint?

00:18:27 - Fireball, have you done any hiking in the Sierra before?

00:19:10 - What were the days you did the JMT?

00:19:24 - Pros and cons of hiking the Sierra in mid-August?

00:20:03 - Would you go at the same time again?

00:20:55 - How were the crowds?

00:22:00 - Did you meet PCT hikers?

00:22:41 - Did anyone reference mile, mile and a half?

00:23:41 - So Fireball wakes up earlier than Chaunce?

00:25:18 - Why did you choose southbound?

00:28:00 - How did you train for the PCT?

00:34:18 - Did Chaunce get heat exhaustion?

00:39:19 - Favorite parts of the trail? Aesthetic highlights?

00:42:00 - Chaunce and Fireball got caught skinny dipping?

00:45:20 - Were you prepared for how cold the lakes were?

00:46:39 - Do you remember Garnett Lake?

00:47:47 - Chaunce ran into a previous guest? Crazy Jack Northam

00:50:20 - Did Chaunce and Fireball hike together at all?

00:56:49 - Any other highlights?

00:59:59 - Did you miss Harper?

Follower Questions:

01:01:09 - How gorgeous was it in real life?

01:04:31 - You guys only resupplied once on the entire hike?

01:08:01 - What are the details on VVR? We don’t know, reach out to Weezer!

01:08:28 - Still no chafe Chaunce?

01:10:08 - Is the JMT a good starter for those looking to get into thru-hiking?

01:13:11 - What do you think the JMT numbers are like this year?

01:14:22 - What is Fireball’s instagram handle? @Mimmmsy

01:15:37 - Chaunce will you tell us your poop story?

01:25:49 - A man asked, what is one thing you think I should know?


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