Be My Neighbor Ep. 24: LET. IT. GLOW


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And, we’re back. We’re so excited to release this episode with an actual neighbor from our building, Neha Govindraj @nehagov and her incredible partner Rachel Liverman @rachelista – the badass founders of one of our biggest new skincare obsessions - @Glowbar. We just visited the Tribeca location and are both going back on our own.

If you haven’t heard of the business that everyone’s been talking about here in NYC, @Glowbar is the spa-like experience that offers only 30-minute, custom skincare treatments ranging from any combination of chemical peels, extractions, dermaplaning, high-frequency and micro-current vibrations, and LED lights. Because who has honestly has the time and the dollars to pay for all of these every month? The best part about it - there only two price-points: $65 for a one-time treatment and $55 per monthly treatment with a membership.

We go in with Rachel and Neha about how they really started their business, what it took to launch (Did they quit their jobs first ? Have funding in place? Investors and raising funding? ) and what it felt like to take that risk. And how Rachel felt starting the business as a single woman, not taking a salary for over a year. The real sacrifices that you have to make in order to get what you want. At this point, we were more listening and writing down their advice, than actually hosting.

We would love to hear what y’all think of this one – we love the authentic notes behind it. And, as a special gift for our neighbors – if you follow us and @Glowbar and comment below, you will be entered to win a complimentary GlowBar appointment!!

*You can be from NYC or coming in for a visit!

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