359: Using an Agent to Find Your First (or Next) Deal With Ryan Meinzer, Stephanie & Hero Cruz, and Rob Kishi


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You asked for it, and we answered! On today’s episode, Brandon and David interview three first-time home buyers, who all utilized the house hacking strategy in different ways!

Our first guest shares how he bought in the most expensive market in the country and lives for FREE by using several techniques anyone can replicate (while taking advantage of a massive value-add opportunity).

Our second guests share how they used house hacking to buy a BUSINESS that will generate over $20K in profit per month... while also eliminating the majority of their rehab costs and reducing risks and living expenses at the same time!

And our third guest shares how he took advantage of California’s recent ADU law revision to buy a property that will eliminate his living expenses while making him massive cash flow at the same time.

This episode covers FAQs—like how to use an agent to help you find a property, how to house hack in unique ways, and what to expect when buying your first property—and is guaranteed to get those wheels turning in your mind! Download this one, and share with a friend today!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Ryan Meinzer
  • How he found the property
  • His unique angle on TIC (tenancy in common)
  • What he intended to do reduce his living expenses
  • How a sliding door turned out to be a blessing
  • What the requirements are to convert a TIC
  • Key lessons learned from this deal
  • Hero and Stephanie Cruz
  • The struggle of finding the right Realtor
  • Finding a property that needs less rehab
  • What is assisted living property
  • How much they earn from each room
  • Making more money to help more people
  • Rob Kishi
  • How Daivd and Rob were introduced during a meetup
  • Why he fell in love with idea of house hacking
  • What the property looks like
  • Investing with Mom
  • What ADU stands for
  • And SO much more!

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