390: 7 Figures from ONE Deal with Leka Devatha


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From fashion design work in India, to a corporate career with Nordstrom... to leaving that career to flip 40+ houses in 6 years – all in one of the hottest markets on the planet!

Seattle investor Leka Devatha has quite a story to tell, and a lot of hard-won wisdom too! From her 6 tips for finding and keeping great contractors, to the exact criteria she uses when looking for a flip opportunity, Leka spills the beans and outlines a framework you can apply whether you choose to flip, BRRRR, wholesale, or buy and hold.

We cover a crucial tax tip for anyone hiring a contractor, ever. Leka shares an unexpected silver lining brought on by the pandemic. And your mind will be blown when she tells how a "cosmetic" flip opportunity morphed into 3-year odyssey and wound up rewarding her with a 7-figure (yes, 7-figure) payday.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Flipping 40 homes in 6 years
  • A "cosmetic flip" that turned into a 7-figure (!) profit through the magic of subdivision
  • Why you should get to know the land use planner in your city
  • Leka's system for finding and retaining great contractors
  • How to start a real estate meetup
  • Why virtual networking amid COVID-19 is more efficient
  • Why she pays her broker a commission even if she keeps a house as a rental
  • Leka's criteria for a great flip opportunity
  • What W-9s are and why it's so important to get them signed up front
  • And SO much more!

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