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I am a traveler, cyclist, expat and teacher with over 15 years experience living abroad in six different countries. As a passionate cyclist I have seen the world by bike and has toured in some truly amazing places, such as Sweden, Germany, Japan, most of SE Asia and of course Canada. During that time, I have traveled to over 40+ countries and met countless travelers, cyclists, and other expats. While traveling by bike, I decided that I wanted to connect the touring and bikepacking community together and this became the catalyst of the Bike Tour Adventures podcast where I share my guests fascinating stories and helps listeners learn tips, tricks, and techniques to improve their touring and bikepacking experience. As it's not possible to always bike tour, I have recently dove headfirst into the bikepacking world with the intent of getting out into nature and spending as much time on my bike as possible. This has re-ignited my passion around bikes and has opened up the podcast to so many more possibilities with interviews of traditional bike tourers, bikepackers, endurance athletes and more. I hope you enjoy the show. Keep on pedalling!

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