Episode 94 - Grammy Talk (Persistence Will Get You The WIN)


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On this episode, we talk about my experience going to the GRAMMYs and winning my first award (00:04:17), future Pass the Aux events (00:12:25), GLAM talks about her placement with Apple (00:13:33), being persistent with one thing and then pivoting into a new direction (00:16:49), the idea of doing music because you love it even if you're broke (00:21:55), what's more important - marketing or networking? (00:26:42), should you focus on only one thing even if you can do it all yourself? (00:28:55), the difference between mentor vs. a hero (00:31:15), advice for upcoming artists (00:37:44), Blap or Crap segment (00:53:01) + so much more with !llmind, GLAM and Perfection.

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