BlackAFinSTEM, Birders, & Bees


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BlackAFinSTEM was started to encourage and support Black individuals who are working in — or who are just passionate about — the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and also to encourage, support, and increase the visibility of Black naturalists and Black people who recreate and work outdoors.

So we talk to Tyler Jones, the co-organizer of Black Birders Week, about all of the above, plus the difference between a bird and a trash bag; Taco Bell & STEM; her graduate work on bees (!!!); and more.


  • What is BlackAFinSTEM? (3:01)
  • BlackAFinSTEM’s objectives (10:05)
  • Black Birders Week (17:15)
  • Tyler’s background, Taco Bell, & STEM (29:32)
  • Bees (34:33)
  • What’s next for Tyler? (4:31)
  • Best ways to support BLackAFinSTEM (55:12)

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