Rory Kennedy - Above and Beyond, Racing to Space to Save Us All


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Rory Kennedy - Above and Beyond, Racing to Space to Save Us All - Rory Kennedy is a documentary maker of the highest order. She tackles the most challenging stories from the life of her mother to the Abu-Gharib scandal. In her latest documentary, Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow, her uncle's speech opens and closes the movie.

Hosts Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete A Turner explore with Rory how her approach to storytelling sets her apart in the crowded field of documentary filmmaking.

This show has a part 2 as Rory enlists Trevor Neilson, CEO of IX Investments, an impact investing platform he stared with Howard Warren Buffett. Trevor specifically talks about the Climate Emergency Fund which seeks to fund groups that are battling climate change in an upfront manner by taking the issue directly to policymakers through protests.

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