#44) Conquer Your Fears of Rejection in 30 Days | Alex Grodnik of Moving Up Podcast


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Today, we’re going to punch fear in the mouth by discussing rejection therapy and what it can do for you. I know so many of us -- including myself -- limit our own potential by not going to what we want. Or worse, we don’t go for what we should be going after.

  • Maybe there is a job you want to go for, and it’s a stretch for you.
  • Maybe you believe it’s time for a promotion, but you’re scared to ask your boss.
  • Maybe your co-worker is the hottest thing on the planet and you’re afraid things are gonna get awkward real quick once they say no.

Well, dealing with rejection is a muscle, and today we’re taking you to the gym.

I brought on Alex Grodnik, a true Career Warrior, and we’re going to talk about the concept of rejection therapy. Alex is the Co-Founder of Payclub and the Founder of Grod Media, which hosts the Moving Up Podcast.

So let’s talk about rejection therapy because this can really take you up a notch in life!

Questions we address:

  • Who’s Alex Grodnik?
  • First of all: Why are so many people afraid of rejection?
  • What’s rejection therapy used for? Why is it so useful?
  • What’s the key outcome I should be moving toward?
  • Let’s talk about how we can practically use rejection therapy in our lives. How would I tell that listener to use rejection therapy as a tool in their job search -- or even to make them more of a warrior?
  • What are some other applications I can use this tool for?
  • Alex, if you could give one piece of advice to every job seeker on what they should do to be successful -- what would that be?

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