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A new wave of business leaders are rising amongst us. These are the leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers that I would like to share with you in this conversational series. Old world views of tyrannical, ruthless leaders who put profits first and foremost have expired. And it's these intuitive, empathetic, trailblazing innovators who are showing the modern world how we're going to evolve. These conscious enterprises are the ones that are elevating the level of human consciousness to one that is serving a higher purpose while simultaneously profiting. The ones that are transforming the era of mechanical work structure into a fluid work-life continuum based on personal development. The ones that are creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems. These are ones that are not only innovating beyond imagination, they are creating new horizons for imagination to expand. I hope their stories, strategies and intentions bring you inspiration, education and a level of awareness that stays with you enough to expand the way you think about the corporations and brands that you are creating or may choose to spend your own money + energy on. This is not just the new way to do business, it’s the right way to do business. Here, I present to you, Conversations with Conscious Enterprises. Enjoy! Roxana

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