With Guest Gene Cornfield, Managing Director and Experience Transformation Lead at Accenture Interactive (Part 2)


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This episode features part two of a conversation with Gene Cornfield at Accenture. Here, we will dive into the five dimensions of ‘Purpose led Transformation’. What does it mean to be customer obsessed or experience driven? We will also address how to achieve short term results while driving a long-term full transformation, and close with some advice for our listeners – the data driven CX leaders.

There are five dimensions to the concept of ‘Purpose led Transformation’.

  1. Purpose led
  2. Customer obsessed
  3. Experience driven
  4. Data and AI enabled
  5. Technology scaled

The first three are about changing mind set, dimensions 3-5 are about skill sets and tool sets. When it all converges in the middle layer of Experience it becomes truly transformational.

Hear Gene Cornfield, Managing Director and Experience Transformation Lead at Accenture Interactive, explain how a dialogue is the back and forth of questions and content, how the digital dialogue needs to be informed by data, and how the innate expectation is that an ongoing dialogue will always just be picked up where we left it.

Finally, he will give some advice on where to start and call out four things to think about as a data driven CX leader aspiring to drive transformation.

Some resources to learn more:

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Accenture Interactive: Business of Experience Report

Harvard Business Review article: The Most Important Metrics You’re Not Tracking (Yet) by Gene Cornfield

Digital CX: Expert Insights ebook by CX Networks, Informatica and Accenture

Redefining Modern Master Data Management in the Cloud, ebook by Informatica

Connect with Gene on Linkedin

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