With Guest Theo van der Steen, CEO at Underlined and Guest Lecturer at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science


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Our guest in this episode of the Data Driven CX podcast series is Theo van der Steen, CEO at Underlined and Guest Lecturer at the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science.

Theo outlines three trends in CX:

  1. The customer contact center is changing and voice data can increasingly be used to gain insights, in addition to traditional data sources
  2. Digital transformation is not only about web clicks, there are interactions and person-to-person conversations on multiple digital platforms
  3. Virtual reality or augmented reality is starting to appear in a brand context

Nienke and Theo also discuss the metrics. NPS alone is not enough anymore. Other business metrics are increasingly important to the CX professional and can require new data sources that have not been brought together before.

A more holistic view on CX allows those new metrics to be tracked, and brings it all together for the customer, supporting the customer journey and the whole customer lifecycle (in a previous episode we talk about the ‘business of experience’ going wider than traditional CX).

But it’s not only about the data. It needs to be coupled with qualitative research and the art of understanding CX and how it can best be deployed in an organization.

In this episode, you will also get some very practical advice such as an insight framework, and you will hear some real-life examples from e.g. Schiphol airport.

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