With Guest Trevor Hodges: Data Driven CX at a strategic, tactical, and operational level.


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Meet returning guest Trevor Hodges, who will build upon the CX Data Strategy topic from episode two. The conversation will look at Data Driven CX at a strategic, tactical, and operational level. How do you organize at each of these levels, what are some keys to driving change, and does your team play defense or offense?

Data Driven CX is no different from other initiatives in terms of needing:

  • Strategy – the destination
  • Tactics – how to get to the destination, what to do
  • Operations – the execution of the tactics

This episode explores the roles involved in the above layers of data driven cx and the so important change management and effective communication between the teams and stakeholders involved.

Trevor also expands on the various levels of maturity and the impact on data needs. He comments on how to get started regardless of your current maturity level and how to get some quick wins to show value and build champions.

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