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Joe Boutros is the Director of Product Engineering at, overseeing the product development and user research programs. He has spent the last 15 years working on early stage consumer facing technology problems as a software engineer, product manager, entrepreneur, and consultant. Joe focuses deeply on data informed product development - the magic at the intersection of measurement and testing, and hands-on user research. Previously, Joe was the founder of Indeed Labs, the innovation team inside the #1 job site in the world. His team was responsible for envisioning the future of’s product suite via invention and rapid prototyping and was the genesis of their entrance into new product categories. Alex Zelenak is a Product and User Experience Designer, currently helping people collaborate around data at Alex has spend over a decade designing and building products on behalf of agencies, enterprises, and startups. Whether through a mobile app, analytics portal, or social platform, Alex has a passion for translating ideas into positive outcomes. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar, Shabnam Khan Agenda: RB - Most data experts at one point or another have been to one of the 2700 open data portals. has made it's own space. Unlike other open data portals, it is a crowd sourced data collection site aiming to have quality data. Without it, I would not have known facts such as 18 million open datasets in the world or 2.4 million websites existence during Google’s launch in 1998. We have seen some interesting data collection effort when Hurrican Harvey hit. Please tell us more about this portal. SB - Datasets subreddit is a place where many data hungry pros request for datasets. Where is it's limitation? And what kind of common 4 problems related to researching Open Data are you trying to cure? RB - Tell us more about your collaborative efforts with around 200 Data experts in various disciplines. SB - Based upon our understanding, a data project in Data.World is when you're ready to share your collected data to the whole world. Why do you make a distinction between Data Project and DataSet? RB - How do we use workspace in Data.World? Is that some sort of Integrated development environment for data focus? SB - In a dataset, do you import data or have live connection to it only? RB - Has anyone raised privacy or other related concern? How do you make sure someone is not sharing sensitive data that may fall into PHI or other relevant category? SB - How do we connect with you both Twitter/LinkedIn or blog? Music:

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