Dharma Shukla (@DharmaShukla) - Founder of Azure Cosmos DB shares cool insights


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Dharma Shukla is a distinguished Engineer at Microsoft. He is the General Manager of Azure Cosmos DB. He is the founder of Azure Cosmos DB, which was launched officially in May 2017. It is Microsoft’s globally-distributed, multi-model database service for managing data at planet-scale". One interesting cool fact about him that he has more than 60 patents in technology industry and he is a long distance runner. Interviewer: Rajib Bahar & Shabnam Khan Agenda: SB - Why the name Cosmos? How did Cosmos DB started at Microsoft? Or Why did you decide to build Cosmos DB? We heard that it is used extensively within Microsoft, is it true? RB - What is the programming language in which Cosmos DB is written? SB - What makes Cosmos DB special? Can you give us more insights into its capabilities? (resume) RB - When we heard your podcast episode in Data Skeptic, there was a mention of "Auto Index". You explained it quite well at high level and how it gives freedom to developer from worries related to indexing as their application scale up. Our follow up question to that is how does this Auto-indexing work internally? Does Cosmos keep track of most used data internally in some kind of table/tree structure to determine this? Is this based on an existing algorithm in Computer Science realm or something propriety? SB - Can you tell us more about the new capabilities and features your team is working on? RB - We see that Cosmos DB keeps shipping new features every few weeks. Can you tell us how do you roll out new features? SB - How do we connect with you in Twitter or other professional network or blogs? Music: www.freesfx.co.uk

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