111 An Uplifting Conversation about Tragic Things with Maja Kazazic


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Happiness and Joy can be found in the most difficult of situations. In today’s episode, Maja and I dive Into finding the good in a difficult situation, being inspired by one another and defining what we want our future to be.

“I’ve been through a Genocide & a Pandemic and didn’t even get a T-shirt”

Maja Kazazic is back on the show to talk about finding the good, in a bad situation. As a Genocide survivor, a successful businesswoman and an inspirational speaker, she has a unique and uplifting perspective about hard things.

What you’ll hear on today’s episode:

  • The power of “WE”
  • Leadership now
  • Change and Uncertainty
  • Vulnerability is the new strength
  • The power of working together
  • How selfishness becomes obvious and unacceptable
  • What’s next

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