The Dig on Gender Incongruence


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Amber joins us to talk about Madison Cawthorne wearing ladies undies and the more important issues surrounding the science and debate around gender incongruence. Gender incongruence (GI) is defined as a condition in which the gender identity of a person does not align with the gender assigned at birth

Abstract on Amber's book, Hiding from Myself

In nearly an instant I had conquered my lifelong insecurities, fears, and demons by facing them with unapologetic authenticity. I was confidently staring down a societal construct that immersed itself in long-held sexual and gender-related mythology and ignorance. Had I finally overcome the mortal heartache of being a person who to me was anything but natural? Or was I about to be sideswiped by more adversity than I could have ever possibly imagined?

This must-read book will help extricate you from your irrational fears and help you uncover the courage and confidence hidden within you to become your best version—unapologetically you. It will help you discover a new understanding of the world, and yourself, all through the lens of one woman’s rebirth into the person she was always meant to be.

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