Ep 51 -- Starting a DPC practice


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On this episode, my guests are a group of physicians who are in the Direct Primary Care space.

They each have their own practice. Dr. Jessica Edwards is starting a practice in TX. Dr. Mitch Li is starting one in the Chicago area. Dr. Clodagh Ryan has a 2 year old practice also in Chicago and is a veteran and mentor in this space.

In the era of physician burnout, loss of autonomy, dissatisfaction, etc, it’s refreshing to hear about doctors taking charge and executing their vision of patient care.

I previously explored this practice model on an episode with Dr. Josh Umbehr, and that episode inspired Mitch to start his practice.

While there is constant complaining from physicians about where our profession is headed, use these doctors to inspire you to move in a different direction.

If you are a physician who has successfully built your own practice or practice in a different model than most traditional doctors, I would love to interview you on this podcast. Please reach out to me via the channels below.

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