Episode 34. Quynh-Lan Nguyen, MD -- Credit card hacking


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On this episode, I interviewed Dr. Quynh Lan Nguyen, a traveling hospitalist and blogger about how she and her husband have turned credit card hacking into a lifestyle that allows them to travel around the world. We talk about her strategies and recommendations and whether its still possible to do this today. We also talk about her interest in the FIRE movement and how she and her investment banker husband both want to enjoy their life sooner rather than later.

I myself was using credit cards, particularly southwest a few years ago to get companion passes for my wife and myself which has allowed our family of 5 to basically travel free (domestically and to Mexico twice) the last 3 years saving us approx 15-20K in airfare costs. It can be extremely useful if used appropriately, but there is risk in spending unwisely, late payments or interest charges which will far outweigh any rewards you accumulate, and negative impact on credit so be aware of this and other risks if you try to do this.

I think the credit card companies are catching on making things a bit more difficult now so as Dr. Nguyen recommends, use your miles sooner rather than later.

You can visit Dr. Nguyen’s website to get the latest in credit card tips and travel recommendations at www.smartmoneyandtravel.com

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