I Did the Sober Curious Challenge, Here’s How it Went


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Alcohol has always been an extra treat for Andrea. There’s nothing more fun than going out with your girlfriends and kicking back a few drinks. Even though it wasn’t frequent, there was something about her drinking habits that bothered her. But then Andrea read the book, Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington, and decided to take on the challenge: see what happens when you commit to no drinking for a month.

On today’s episode of the Dope Ass Podcast, Andrea shares what happened when she decided to go dry for a month. Spoiler: she liked it so much she extended it. There’s no judgement about drinking to be found here, just an honest look at drinking habits and what you can do to keep your experiences with alcohol positive and healthy. Tune in!

  • [00:23] - Back from L.A.
  • [01:29] - Sober Curious
  • [05:44] - Boone's Farm and Zima
  • [07:47] - Weight loss experiment
  • [10:16] - What if I'm not fun anymore?
  • [11:39] - An extra little gift
  • [13:27] - Sober firsts
  • [15:57] - Mood & sleep
  • [18:04] - Mommy wine culture
  • [19:52] - Reduced alcohol plan

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