Dr. Drew After Dark | Quicksand Epiphany w/ LeeAnn Kreischer | Ep. 95


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LeeAnn Kreischer is the host of The Wife of the Party podcast, and is married to Bert Kreischer. She joins Dr. Drew on this episode of Dr. Drew After Dark to discuss Bert's new health plan, his affinity for quicksand videos, gross toenails, navel stones, and dilated pores, and how Bert is similar to a homeless person. This prompts a conversation about the missteps our government has taken handling homelessness. They watch some of Christina P's TikTok curations, an update from the Sissy of Freemont St., Garth Brooks discussing copyright, Leo's cool guy video chat and some "Horrible or Hilarious" videos. They respond to listener questions regarding hypospadias, chronic itchy b-holes, baker's cysts, a tendency to cheat, and more.

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