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Drew and Sam are actors. They’re not famous household names, in fact they’re not even particularly recognisable, but having spent over half a century in the industry between them it’s fair to say they’re pretty experienced. 2020 saw the boys temporarily forced to spend a lot more time ‘resting’ than they were comfortable with, so to keep themselves occupied (and out of trouble) they began a podcast, and now many months later they’re still at it! So join the Drewling Samantics chaps every Sunday (or download and listen later) as they give an entertaining insight into how their industry works - from modelling to voiceover, theatre to film, and television to streamed media, the gents talk about all areas of performance artistry, giving an insider view that is sometimes humorous, often eye-opening or poignant, and at times just downright strange! With regular guest appearances and the odd special ‘on location’ segment, Drewling Samantics brings something unique and fresh to the world of podcasts from two normal blokes, working in a rather abnormal industry.

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