#36 How to make it as a food photographer


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In this week’s episode (36) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m talking to New Zealand based food photographer, food stylist, creative entrepreneur and cook Christall Lowe. Christall shares what it really takes to make it as a food photographer and find your signature style. Here’s exactly what you can expect from this week’s episode …

  • I share more about my instagram food photography challenge and food styling e-course

  • Christall introduces herself

  • Christall shares how her upbringing in New Zealand and her Maori heritage have influenced her relationship to food

  • Christall talks about who inspired her to start cooking

  • Christall outlines how she journeyed into creative entrepreneurship and food photography

  • We chat about what it’s really like working as a food photographer and what it takes to make it in the industry

  • We talk about the importance of working with light

  • We explore the concept of developing a signature food photography style

  • Christall outlines how she approach client shoots

  • Christall mentions where she finds inspiration and how she uses instagram within that context

  • Christall speaks about what participating in the #eatcaptureshare food photography challenge has done for her and how she approaches each and every challenge theme


Find the full show notes here: https://thelittleplantation.co.uk/eat-capture-share-podcast/how-to-make-it-as-food-photographer

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