385 : Tim & Catie Wortman – Taking a group approach to growing their Amazon business


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The group approach? Well most of the time it is Tim and Catie. But they have found working with other compounds their (all of them) efforts. They are strategic so not to interfere with the other's businesses. But as a kind of collective they learned far more, advanced far faster and have made real lasting friendships. Great lessons from a great couple. Mentioned: Tim's contact Sponsors Viral Launch – Save $50 with this link (Use coupon code: Momentum) SPECIAL OFFER FOR MY LISTENERS ONLY TWO WEEKS FREE TRIAL!!!! Gaye’s Million Dollar Arbitrage List Solutions4ecommerce Scope from Sellerlabs Tactical Arbitrage – Get an 10 day free trial with code: “Tactical” Freeeup– Save 10% (forever) and get an instant $25.00 voucher for your first hire. GoDaddy Grasshopper Amazon Accounting Podcast: Before we get into the chart of accounts we want to mention our course: AMZACCOUNTING SIMPLIFIED WE CAN HELP YOU CREATE YOUR CUSTOM ACCOUNTING SYSTEM WITH QUICKBOOKS ONLINE AND MASTER YOUR AMAZON FINANCIALS You’re overwhelmed with accounting software options and are afraid you’ll pick one that might limit you down the road. You have no idea how to adjust your Amazon deposits for gross sales, refunds, and fees. You’re confused about the difference between inventory and cost of goods sold not to mention how to track them. You’ve invested so much time reading blog posts, downloading free accounting resources … now, you’re stuck on information overload AND still don’t know where to start! Then consider joining a program to help you build a foundation. One that can evolve with your business. One that can help you get control of your business once and for all. https://amzaccountingsimplified.com/podcast Are you overwhelmed thinking about your business accounting? Do you not know where to start? That’s why we do this podcast. We want to help you the seller. Remember we are sellers too. After working with hundreds of clients we have we think the best simple chart of accounts you need to get your accounting system started. We have the answer….. Sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get your copy! Here is transcript- It is automated so it is not perfect but it does seem to get better over time. Tim: 00:00:00 We've done, we do a lot of fun trips. Like we want to go to a cubs game. Um, we'll, you know, we'll head up, you know, if it's a night game, we'll leave at nine, 10 o'clock in the morning, we'll hit some stores while we're up there. And then the, you know, the days paid for. Um, we just recently did our first overnight trip. We really don't travel out more than about three hours from our home. We're not somebody that goes all around the United States. Um, but you know, if we want to go down to southern Missouri, go four wheeling, you know, we'll hit some stores down there while we're in the area just, and the trips paid for. But we were careful not to make the whole trip a working trip. At least a Katie's good about keeping me in check on that. Cause I can get, I can get going on Ra and not want to stop. But, um, it, it's, it's fun to just know that, you know, hey, we're traveling here. We can stop at this area. You know, if there's a Walmart or a Tj Maxx in. And, and hit those stores real quick. And, and, you know, pay for your trip. Cool voice guy: 00:01:07 Well, we focus on the people, the products and the process of ecommerce selling today. Is he your host Stephen Peterson. Stephen: 00:01:17 Welcome back to the ECOMMERCE momentum podcast. This is episode 385. Tim and Katie Wartman. Uh, it's Tim Jr. So let's get that right. Don't be messaged his dad. Um, great couple, great fulltime couple. And you're gonna hear the story how they went full time. They weren't both full time. Um, definitely some sacrifices, some challenges, um, ups and downs,

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