Ep. 14 - Motion is Lotion


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If we move, we live. If we stop moving... well that's either the end, or the beginning of the end. But good new: motion is lotion! God built our bodies to be active, to have purpose, to be useful in His service! God wants you to enjoy health and freedom from pain so that you can enjoy His blessings and apply yourself to His work. But are you willing to get in motion and make all that possible? Let's talk about a few great success stories and end with one simple recommendation that can get you moving!
- How to get moving and feel better in just 30 minutes per day.
- How to connect your physical wellbeing to your spiritual wellbeing.
- Why is motion so important to getting over many health problems?
- What can I do to get 30 minutes of exercise in each and every day?
- How to value your body as an offering to the service of the Lord.

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