Ep. 64 - Cast Your Bread


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Solomon writes a lot about how unfair things are in the book of Ecclesiastes. Things don't always work out and there are always a million things we don't know and/or cannot control. However, he ultimately prescribes daily optimism and a willingness to cast your bread on the waters, even if you don't know what will happen after. If our attitude is right and our heart is committed, we can cast bread widely every single day, and in that way, make every single day exciting, and worth the living!
- How to accept that there are things in life you just cannot know
- What to do when you wake up and have no idea what the future holds
- Why it is important to cast your bread, and widely, and work the field
- How is every day infused with meaning when we Rejoice, Remove and Remember
- What are you going to do today that shows you have ultimate trust in God

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