Norway's Mysterious Hessdalen Phenomena -- UFO Hotspot!


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Join Exploring the Bizarre's ( glamorous hosts Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz as they journey to Norway's mysterious Hessdalen Valley to speak with NILS OFSTAD investigator of one of the world's most notorious UFO portals, where strange craft come and "glow" at regular intervals for all to ponder and try to explain. The objects come in all shapes and sizes, and are NOT just "lights in the sky" as most often thought. Metallic structures have been seen. There have been close encounters. Landings. And even reports of beings. Dr Hynek stood out in the 35 degree below weather to see them he was so impressed with the tales coming from the Valley since the 1980s. They have been photographed by the university. Equipment has been set up on the spot to study them 24/7. Nils book "Hessdalen Lights! -- What's Happening in the Norwegian Mountains?" is a first person account. His blog is a must read -- -- Additional information can be found in "UFOs Deja Vu" by Beckley and others --

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