Furries - The Tame and the Feral with Sarah WaterRaven


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Sarah WaterRaven

Author of the Detective Docherty series and publisher of the fantastic and miscellaneous, I kill people and distract you with pixies.

Ravenclaw Waterbender Mother of Dragons Winter is still Coming I sided with Cap. Michael Keaton & Christian Bale are my batmen. Spider-Gwen needs her own movie. World Builder

Animal enthusiast and plant-based. Expect adorable animal photos and food porn on my social media.


To help us with her insight into the very dense and complex fandom that is the Furry Community, we have author and artist Sarah WaterRaven with us on this episode. Together we discover how people come to the community, why they leave, and what some of the bright spots are in this often stigmatized fandom.

And for the extra curious, here’s a list of links to furry artists, interviews, and more: http://bit.ly/FurryThings/

Sarah can be found over at https://www.sarahwaterraven.com/ and on the Tapas app at https://tapas.io/sarahwaterraven/!

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