Outlander Season 1 Part 1


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Sing me a song of a lass that is gone and touch some weird rocks with Fat Pink Cast as we travel back in time to recap the first half of STARZ Outlander, Season 1!

World War II nurse Claire Randall is living a double life. She has a Bowlcut Smashface in one century and a Princess for Christmas in another. We share our thoughts on the show show far in advance of the show’s return.

Following that, join us for book spoilers as guest star Kat explains what happens when our intrepid heroes encounter people of color, why fan fiction is like white slavery, and why the author is gonna think we’re all knee-jerk feminists under age 35.

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow – Paradise Lost

Birdman Xena comes to Sleepy Hollow and leaves just as quickly. Meanwhile, poor Abbie is still paying for the Cranes’ room, board, farmer’s market produce, and HotTopic shopping sprees.

What’s next:

Sleepy Hollow- Pittura Infamente

A monster covered in strawberry pie jumps out of paintings and starts snatching people. It’s up to the most interesting and compelling couple on television to stop him….except they don’t and Abbie has to save the day. Tune in for our podcast/recap!

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