Sleepy Hollow – Spellcaster (Ep 2.15)


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We get a Katrina and witch-focused episode and learn the true story behind the Salem witch trials–a hurt nice guy rejected by a lady. Also, Jonelle explains how Sleepy Hollow should bake a cake and why Katrina’s grandma was like a soggy-skinned chicken.

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow – Kali Yuga
If you thought an episode with Ichabbie karaoke couldn’t be meh, you’d be wrong. Haul out the Hawley cuz it’s time for awkward cultural appropriation probs.

What’s next:

Sleepy Hollow – What Lies Beneath
Not the bad Harrison Ford/Michelle Pfeiffer movie. From the previews it looks like Ichabod and Abbie jump down a lot of sewers and an old timey guy is down one of them.

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