Episode 7: The Gingerdead Man


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Sarah and Carrie discuss The Gingerbread Man, including industrial kitchens, questionable food safety, bread dough gingerbread men, lots and lots of quippy food puns....and Christmas cookies!

Mother Ginger Crinkle Cookies: https://2geekswhoeat.com/mother-ginger-crinkle-cookies/

Total Eclipse Cookies: https://2geekswhoeat.com/total-eclipse-cookies-strangers-prey-at-night/

Jigsaw Sandwich Cookies: https://2geekswhoeat.com/jigsaw-sandwich-cookies-recipe/

Smoky Cardamom Ginger-Molasses Cookies: https://food52.com/recipes/32272-smoky-cardamom-ginger-molasses-cookies

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