Episode 71: Creating Your Masterpiece with Marianne Mencias


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Robin Williams, Alexander McQueen, Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway. What do these people have in common?

For one, they’re all considered icons in their chosen fields. Williams was an award-winning actor, McQueen was named British designer of the year for four times, Cobain was a rockstar and Hemingway was a literary genius. All of them are successful and, by all appearances, seem to be doing what they were born to do. Yet, they chose to end their lives.


Our guest for today, Marianne Mencias, may have an answer for us. A sought-after inspirational speaker, Marianne says that it’s not enough to be successful. If you’re not living true to your purpose, if you’re not following God’s will, you will still be miserable and have an unhappy life.

Marianne is also the author of the book “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece.” Hers is a book filled with stories of world-class Filipinos who love what they do and are living a full, joyful life. What’s the key to their success? What’s the secret to their happiness? Marianne breaks it down for us in this beautiful interview filled with wisdom and practical tips on how you can become the best of you.

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