89. Care by Volvo featuring Patrik Illerstig


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Care by Volvo featuring Patrik Illerstig

Care by Volvo is a new way to address the need and wish for hassle free car ownership and mobility. The concept was launched a year ago and since February this year Patrik Illerstig joined Volvo as the CEO in order to boost the concept. Patrik came with a lot of experience from E-commerce and joined our company after looking for a really challenge, a company with sound values and a word class company. And the choice fell on Volvo Cars. The concept “Care by Volvo” is already a success in the US and is now spread all over the globe. It’s essential to build on a common bas concept but adapt it to the needs and the conditions on each market. Volvo Cars is again a pioneer and a frontier. An idea we discuss is to use some of our company cars in order to test and develop the concept to the next level. Who doesn’t want a hassle free car? Welcome to this inspiring and challenging episode!

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