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Ashley Manta gets insta-rupted today. Ashley Manta is an award-winning sex educator and coach and has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual® brand. She appeared on the cover of Sexual Health Magazine in January 2019, along with the designation, "America's High Priestess of Pleasure." She recently completed her certification as a Bodysex® Facilitator after studying with legendary pleasure pioneer Betty Dodson. She is a brand ambassador for Sybian and Foria.

At the January 2020 XBiz Awards, Ashley was named Sexpert of the Year. She has been nominated for several other awards in both the adult and cannabis industries including Influencer of the Year, Sex Educator of the Year, and WEGO Health Awards' Best Kept Secret. Ashley has received recognition in Forbes, The London Times, Newsweek, The Huffington Post and many other publications.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Women’s Studies and has completed graduate coursework for a Master of Arts in Philosophy. Ashley is also a certified and attuned Reiki II Practitioner, a certified consulting hypnotist, and a trauma-trained victim advocate. In today’s episode Syd and Ashley talk about being “poly”, hand job techniques, consent, dating, STD’s, BDSM, Entrepreneurship and much more!


  • Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania
  • Surviving sexual assault
  • Ashley’s journey to helping women through sexual abuse and trauma
  • Learning to love sex for yourself and not worrying about pleasing your partner
  • Having a poly boyfriend whose married to someone else
  • Your “Yes, No, Maybe” list
  • Being collard
  • Living life with genital herpes
  • Dealing with Jealousy
  • How cannabis can help intimacy
  • The “reclining diamond”

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