The Lonely One


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Yes, that's me: Mighty Mischka doing a show by myself on new years eve. You'll hear much better noise than the fireworks outside, including some LP-only stuff, but unfortunately you won't hear that funny lady's voice this time.

Got nothing working now but my good ol' fashioned records:
Big Jim DeNoone (voc. by Bill Carter) - A Woman's Way (4Star Promo / from BearFamily LP)
Artie Dillon - In My Teens (KANDY KANE)
Tooter Boatman - Teenage Hangout (uniss./ from WhiteLabel LP)
Macy Skipper - Bop Pills (uniss./ from Norton 45)
The Thunder Rocks - Speed Trap (uniss./ from GetHip LP)
Titus Turner - Hungry Man (ATLANTIC)
Harold Jenkins - Crazy Dreams (uniss./ from crappy LP)
Cozy Cole - Bad (LOVE)
Benny Joy - Miss Bobby Sox (uniss./ from WhiteLabel LP)
Billy Boy - Prisoner's Plea (VIVID)
Ray Campi - The Crossing (uniss. from Black Rooster LP)
Glen Garrison - You're My Darling (CREST)
Les Paul - Caravan (CAPITOL LP)
Ann Cole - I've Got Nothing Working Now (BATON)
Hayden Thompson - You Are My Sunshine (uniss./ from Charly LP)
Nappy Brown - Well, Well, Well, Baby-la (SAVOY)
Jimmy Stayton - Hot Hot Mama (BLUE HEN / from DeeJay reissue)
Ronnie Gill - Standing On A Mountain (RIP)
Percy Mayfield - The Lonely One (SPECIALTY 78)

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