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GROW Greatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom Love not hate will make the World 🌎 Great. God’s Law is to Love. Different skin, One Love and that is God who commands from above. We are GROWing over Oppression. We are Spiritual Beings and are not bound under Religion, We are bound by God to Love. Religion is about Money and Control A battle of Good vs Evil. Are you ready to GROW?Break free of the Mental chains Conqueror! We are the Keepers of the Dream as we head full steam on the Soul Train gang,Love 💞, Peace✌🏽 And Soul 💥The Freedom Train has began, no longer the Underground Railroad, it’s horn Blaring LoudlyGROWGreatness Reached over Oppression through Wisdom Destination up ahead: Genuine Equality and Righteousness, while we Rise to Greatness in God, Great MountainThe Oppression has trickled down in the Spiritual Warfare in the form of Narcissistic behavior. Dr King dream was for us to Love one another and Rise from Oppression. He said Love drives out hate, it doesLove not hate will make the World Great Sow Love, GROW all over the World💫💞

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