How to Use Automated Webinars to Create a Better Experience For Your Prospects and Customers


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Casey Zeman is the founder of the popular webinar platform EasyWebinar with over 8,000. Casey believes in using the smart-art of Automation and Engagement to build a business you love. A business that values your expertise. A business that gives you more freedom. A business that makes you smile more...And a business that creates a greater impact in those you serve.

During our interview we discuss;

- Why and how he decided to shift his from consulting to creating his EasyWebinar platform.

- He shared some of the challenges of starting as a WordPress plugin and then how developed beyond that.

- Casey shares a "business super power" he wishes had.

- He shares why and how to improve the experience for your prospects, customers and even employees using automated webinars.

- The power of educating people with a webinar before schedule a call or initiating any call to action.

- We discuss how automated webinars present your offer perfect every single time vs a human which may or may not be able to deliver in a live webinar format every time

- Important not to forget the power of using automated webinars as a way to on-boarding new customers and even continue their educational process as a retention tool.

- The power and urgency of having a schedule webinar event vs just offering a video library where people can listen at any point.

- We discuss how powerful automated webinars can be with on-boarding and educating new employees

- Casey shares his favorite growth tool/software.

- He then recommends one of his favorite books.

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