Guns, Dice, Butter XXIX SEP 15 2020


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Welcome Guns, Dice, Butter Episode XXIX SEP 16, 2020

On this episode, game designer Ben Madison and a panel (JR, Mr Herman and WBC Curdis) discussing OCS (Operational Combat Series) from the Gamers and MMP.

0:05 Ben Madison intro...point of origin

0:22 White Tribe and Absolute Victory

0:36: THE MISSION and christianity's struggle to become a world religion

0:49 Death in the Trenches and a unique combat resolution system

1:02: What's on Ben's design plate and "delicate" topics in wargaming

1:22 OCS Panel discussion...does Herman know OCS?

1:37 Why play OCS

1:53 Charcoal fueled trucks, op tempo and Herman tells a story about meeting a few Rommel staff officers

2:09 Fog of War and the great OCS artillery dust up

2:29 Successors to OCS? Logistics in wargames

2:59 Wrap, on my gaming plate, shout outs, go Beloved Minnesota TWINS!

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