Healthcare Series: Renee Thompson | Eradicating Bullying in Healthcare


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Truth You Can Act On:
  1. Know what bullying is:
    • There has to be a target.
      • [00:02:22] for a behavior to be considered bullying, There has to be three things. First of all, there has to be a target. It could be one person, or it could be a small group of people. [00:02:34]
    • The behavior has to be harmful.
      • [00:02:46] The second criteria is they, behavior has to be harmful in some way [00:02:51]
    • The behavior has to be repeated over time.
      • [00:03:29]the third criteria is that the behavior has to be repeated over time. It can't be one time I get testy with you when I'm in a crisis situation, it has to be repeated. [00:03:40]
  2. Leaders need to be equipped both proactively and reactively on how to handle bullying.
    • [00:17:11] What I have learned is that overall, I haven't found one organization that does a good job, equipping their leaders with the skills and tools that they need to set behavioral expectations and hold their people accountable. It's a skill that can be learned. [00:17:28]
  3. Reminder - Hire slow, fire fast.
    • [00:11:16] I had a manager who would say this, look, I can teach you to be a neuro nurse. I can teach you, you know, what you need to do to be successful here. But if, and this is what she would say, but what if God and your mother didn't teach you how to be a nice person? I don't want you here. [00:11:30]
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