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Hollywood Breathwork/Health & Wellness expert Jon Paul Crimi - along with his best friend, uber-music-producer and rock legend John "Feldy" Feldmann - interview high profile musicians, actors, athletes and related VIPs about what personal obstacles they face and how they overcome them. What makes their show so unique is their no-nonsense, no-holds-barred, rock 'n roll candor mixed with deep insights and state-of-the-art solutions. It’s flat-out hysterical and also surprisingly emotional. With a friendship spanning over two decades, they’ve been through everything, seen it all and now they’re sharing the tools that helped them not only survive but thrive. Their colorful tales range from the unusual challenges of life on tour, to subjects closer to home like marriage issues, dating, diet, exercise, parenting and addiction recovery. These candid, always raucous conversations address timely, more internalized subjects as well, that rockstars and everyday folks alike can relate to: anxiety, depression, impulse control, panic disorders and a galaxy of other modern-day concerns. Jon Paul and Feldy offer easy-to-understand, proven solutions that have worked wonders for their A-list clients and their civilian pals as well. HANGUPS' edgy humor, surprising depth and spot-on, practical advice makes it an entertaining, relatable and above all, inspirational experience. If you like Joe Rogan and Howard Stern, imagine them co-hosting a show about personal transformation. That's Jon Paul and Feldy's HANGUPS.

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