Sam Bunch, Author of Collecting Conversations (03.12.2020) Episode 4


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And you thought I liked to talk!!
My guest this week is the queen of conversation, she literally collects hundreds of them, Welcome Sam Bunch!

Thinking back, I heard Sam before I met her. A couple of years ago I was driving into Riverside Radio studios to broadcast my children's show and I heard Sam being interviewed by Chloe Desave on her show She Speaks, the chat was about women, menopause and for once it was really refreshing.

We had a quick chat and exchange of details after her interview and my next meeting with the author and serial cart wheeler was over a cuppa, we've been keen supporters of each other work ever since.

Sam and I will be talking happy about our love of gymnastics, gardening, and boobs! Wrapped up in bear-hug of positive news about issues and campaigns that make a difference 'News From The Rooftop' and your Happy Happenings, the good stuff going on in your life and around you that's making you happy.

You're welcome xx

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