#108 - Marshall Dunn - Entering 2020 In Flow Not Fear


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The start of a new decade is almost upon us! And doesn't 2020 have a beautiful ring to it? I dig the vibe, and so to roll with this great vibe perhaps it's time to stare fear in the face. "No, fear, not this year. You don't own me. I choose love and from there I act!" In this episode, I look to inspire you to take a good look at what's serving and not serving your soul. Where are you losing and gaining energy? What relationships need to change? What habits are you ready outgrow? Who do you want to be in 2020? Seek only the light and love in your heart and act day to day from that place with trust and curiosity. You know what happens when fear takes over - it paralyzes you! Make 2020 an unforgettable year of growth, new beginnings, positive health and a shit load of excitement mixed with hard work. Life is short - so get busy living or get busy dying! Enjoy the show!

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