107: Paul Henderson The Only Things That Matters is the Customer Outcome


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As Paul Henderson describes in his book, The Outcome Generation: How a New Generation of Technology Vendors Thrives Through True Customer Success, "customers buy technology products and services to achieve an end outcome. Success comes for a customer when they achieve that bigger outcome. Therefore, customer success programs should focus on enabling that bigger outcome." And yet....as many of us know, few technology vendors focus on helping customers achieve those outcomes. We've been picking this bone with the customer success industry since we launched Helping Sells Radio. Paul is a rare voice advocating for customers...for helping customers deliver the results they're after...which is why they bought your software in the first place. If a customer buys your marketing software and their pipeline does not go up, why keep your software...they should just hire a marketing agency. If this marketing company wants to keep this customers, it better help the customer increase the pipeline....not just "use the product." Who cares if they use the product and sales don't go up?

The Outcome Generation is the best book on customer success. If you want to deliver results. If you want to be ahead of 95% of other customer success leaders, you must read Paul's book. Then you must "do" Paul's book.

Well, actually. Listen to this episode first, then read the book, then do the book.

Then you might even get promoted.

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