05: Permission to Succeed


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Today, I am thrilled to introduce yet another sponsor for the Shine Retreat, which is coming up in September. I’ll be giving you more information on how listeners of this podcast can get a $50 discount off registration, so you’ll want to listen in!

Today’s guest is also a dear, dear friend of mine who has been on the podcast one other time. She was so supportive and encouraging to me when I first started out. Our friendship has evolved though the years, which has been such a cool thing to experience, and her work has transformed, as well.

Nicol thought she might die in that cubicle, and that's when she decided to make some changes. She is now self-employed. She is an expert witness in court (don't tell anyone), a child custody evaluator (for real, don't tell anyone), an author (tell everyone), a motivational speaker (tell everyone) a mom (2 cutie pies), a wife, a mompreneur, a taxi, a motivational speaker, a skincare consultant (hello good skin and tax write-offs), a non-profit director (in all her spare time) a lover of spas and massages and at times "the fit hits the shan" in her life ... but it's hers, and there is beauty in that.

She is here to share her journey with us, this evolution she has gone through, and she will be sharing how to give yourself permission to live the life you want, and how to take risks in order to create happiness in your life.

Here’s more information on the Shine Retreat that I promised you! Mari Lee, my co-host for the upcoming Shine Retreat for Women, and I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to join us September 27th - 29th, at this restorative women’s retreat, the ultimate self-care weekend where every woman is welcomed. You will be among friends! I encourage you to email me or Mari Lee at info@ShineRetreatforWomen.com to receive a $50 discount code off registration. Shine Retreat is limited to 40 women, and it’s filling up fast, so be sure to register at https://www.shineretreatforwomen.com/.

Show Highlights:

  • When we get stuck in fear, it becomes our story.
  • There’s something that everybody wants more of.
  • Our expectations can get in the way.
  • Other’s expectations can appear to be a lack of support.
  • When we get resistance, they are telling us their story, it is not our own.
  • Create a shortlist of those who get to have a say in your life.
  • Women who feel stuck can get trapped easily.
  • By saying “no” to others, it’s saying “yes” to a different set of opportunities.
  • Stay away from emotional vampires.
  • Other people’s stress can make us physically ill.
  • We have a tendency to self-sabotage.
  • Men are taught to take more risks from an early age, so be careful and question what you think.
  • Get past the “what-if’s”.
  • Identify your own definition of “success”.
  • Examine who is in your circle.
  • Get more information about what’s possible, instead of what’s not possible.


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Special Invitation:

Shine Retreat is coming up September 27th - 29th, 2019.

Registration at: https://www.shineretreatforwomen.com/

Email me at info@ShineRetreatforWomen.com to receive a $50 discount code off registration.

You can also reach me at anna@herlifeunscripted.com.

“Shine Retreat” is limited to 40 women.

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