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Hello and welcome to Hi Felicia formerly known as The Diet Dropout! I am so excited for this shift in energy with the podcast because I felt called to bring you so much more than only talk about nutrition and wellness. Now, don’t get me wrong that subject isn't going anywhere but I have been energetically called to chat about topics like relationships, mindset, business, money, home and some real life stuff that you can apply to your very own life. I am so excited that you are along for the ride as I make this shift and hope you continue to listen because week after week I will be sharing so much more about my own life as well as bring you epic guests that will inspire and motivate you. Remember, it is ok to pivot and it is ok to change the direction of your life. I want to empower you to leave room for magic as we continue to embark on this journey called life. Are you with me?? So excited to be doing this with you! No “Bye Felicia here…..welcome to “Hi Felicia” Thank you for tuning in!

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