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Zach Mercurio has had four other 'major careers' before he landed where he is. Zach sees his overarching experience as the best teacher of how we all have a purpose, no matter what we do. It can be a zigzag between careers to figure it out, and Zach talks to those who aspire to leadership, and who The Invisible Leader truly is.

  • Zach talks about the book he wrote, The Invisible Leader, and the common misunderstanding that title causes. What kind of invisible leader are you? Chances are, you'd be wrong, but not for the reason you'd think.
  • You've heard of authentic purpose. Do you know what default purpose is? Plastic purpose? It's hard to stand against the constant pressure of embracing someone else's purpose, especially with the emergence of purpose at work.
  • 'Why-washing' is a dangerous thing. Kevin and Zach talk about what it is, and why it's the opposite of what we need, whether we're leaders or not. Pride and enthusiasm in your work will never be achieved if you're being why-washed.
  • We will all hopefully have an awakening of purpose, and Zach shares his unique experience. He credits it to ordinary people with extraordinary vision. His awakener was a cab driver who had a very specific idea of what his job actually was.
  • Next, Zach talks about Mary. She was a janitor for college dorms who worked her way up to a management position then retired. Believe it or not, she came out of retirement to work at the bottom again, and her reason will touch your heart.
  • Imagine the impact. When you go about your day, do this exercise, and it will change your day every single time. What impact will you have on the people you come across today? How can you make it purposeful? And do you believe in the butterfly effect? You should.
  • Many purpose-driven people are accused of being 'fluffy.' Zach has been, too, and he responds with a simple psychological test that proves that we are all searching for purpose. And he asks, 'tell me one time when you felt like your job really mattered.'

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