2019 Food Trends, Ice Cream Alternatives, & Going Plant-Based


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On this week’s episode, Emily and Janet reflect on how 2019 has been so far and how they’re doing with their 2019 goals and resolutions. It seems that keeping your goals simplistic and realistic are helping them keep their goals insight. Emily has been working on her fitness goals and sticking to it, while Janet has purchased hiking boots which works toward her bigger picture of taking more hikes in the winter months. Have you been sticking to your goals? Did you set any specific goals? Even if they’re just as simple as working on your time management or spending time with your family – it feels nice to work towards something! Janet and Emily also discuss food trends of 2018, and look at food trends predicted for 2019, talk about their favourite ice cream alternatives and how much protein you need when you switch to a plant-based diet. Janet also shares her delicious greek lemon chicken soup recipe! Read our show notes at: https://goodnessme.ca/pages/2019foodtrends-icecreamalternatives-goingplantbased

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